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identity and culture as well as selective targeting of intellectual and community leaders, Ciu responded, “China is not doing these things.”Chinese authorities have cast the camps as “education centers” to curb extremism. Cui on Thursday echoed that point, telling Amanpour that “the government had to do something” to prevent possible terror attacks in the region.”What we did was not to start a war there. We did not use missiles or drones. We set up efforts for education and training, help people learn more about the law, to ac

Dodge Demon Logo Shirt

olices towards ethnic Uyghurs has split up thousands of families, as some children are prevented from leaving China’s Xinjiang region to be with their parents living abroad. CNN traveled to the heavily surveilled region and found some of the children left behind.Pressed by Amanpour to respond to a Newslines Institute for Strategy and Policy report that China is allegedly conducting policies of mass internment, mass birth-prevention, forcible transfer of Uyghur children to state-run facilities, the eradication of Uyghur

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quire good skills to improve their lives and find good jobs. And all these have made a huge difference. There’s been no single terrorist attack in the last few years,” he said.On Monday, the US announced sanctions against two Chinese government officials for “human rights abuses” against minorities in Xinjiang including of Uyghur Muslims. The European Union also announced its sanctions Monday, naming Zhu Hailun, former head of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), and three other top officials.”So if people are inte

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