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But particularly women in their 30s and 40s were like, “Oh, my God, this is me. This is how I feel.” I think it was a relief for people to be like, “Yeah, I’m a shit mum sometimes too. Sometimes I can’t be bothered, and sometimes, you know, I slop up to my child’s school hungover and tired.” We’ve been fed [the Piper raquel merch the squad shirt in other words I will buy this idea] that by this age, you’re meant to have figured out what the hell you’re doing. Your family life or your work is meant to have all come to fruition. And what if it hasn’t? What if you’re still, like, am I doing this okay? I feel really mixed about my partner and my friends and my work. So it’s studying the gray.

Piper raquel merch the squad shirt

The director Georgi [Banks-Davies] and I did a lot of character work beforehand, which was incredibly useful. We do have overlap, Naomi and I, but there’s a big difference. Her assertiveness and her sharpness and her sort of unapologetic [attitude] are not me. I think I’m more soft on the Piper raquel merch the squad shirt in other words I will buy this surface, and she obviously keeps herself very much guarded under this thick shell.

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