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y the junta’s police forces and military soldiers, with widespread reports of shootings, enforced disappearances and torture of political prisoners.Many residents in towns and cities across the country live in fear of being dragged out of their homes in nighttime raids by security forces. Almost 3,000 people have been detained since February 1, according to AAPP. Many of them are young people and students and their families often have no idea where they are being held or what condition they are in.”When we got to th

Dodge Demon Logo Shirt

ry and February 2021, not the 28% Biden claimed. That is about double the increase between January and February 2019.Khin Myo Chit was shot dead in her father’s arms after security forces kicked down the door to their home in the city of Mandalay on Tuesday. She is the youngest victim yet in the military’s post-coup crackdown. Earlier reports said Khin Myo Chit was 7 years old, but her family confirmed Thursday she was only 6.Anti-coup protests and strikes have since gripped the nation but are being violently suppressed b

Dodge Demon Logo Shirt hoodie

in aid to state, local, tribal and territorial governments.Addressing the recent influx of unaccompanied migrant children on the US southern border, Biden claimed that “nothing has changed” from the Trump administration — saying there had been a “28% increase in children on the border under my administration” versus a 31% increase in the same period of 2019 under Trump.According to data from Customs and Border Protection, the number of unaccompanied children encountered on the border rose by 61% between Janua

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